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    The glass shoppe Glass commercial glazing solutions are manufactured to provide energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing options for modern buildings. The range of glass is suited for glass facades and structural glazing applications in hospitals, schools, offices and a host of other domains, to meet diverse requirements.

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    Clear glass from The glass shoppe brings clarity that is the best in its class, while tinted glass adds to the aesthetics with its attractive shades.


    The glass shoppe glass provides sustainable glazing solutions for architects looking to create light, open and airy spaces in buildings. The solutions are ideal for architectural applications due to the vast range of glazing options available.

  • Ideally Suited

    With an exhaustive range for windows, canopies, skylights, balustrades, balconies and staircases, The glass shoppe's glass ideally suited, from both the aesthetic and functional point of view.

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    "Interior Glass" Search for interior glass projects from across the globe and explore applications like partitions, wall paneling, furniture, etc. View a range of interior design glass products from The glass shoppe.


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The Shoppe brings over 12 years experience with the sole purpose of providing fast, courteous, and reliable service, while leaving our customers with a quality, functional and beautiful product.The Glass Shoppe accomplishment begins with a dream & every dream needs people who can make it come true.

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Glass for Homes

Glass for Homes

Glass brings together a range of benefits that enhance the residential space. It provides light, transparency, summer comfort, aesthetics and UV protection      

Commercial  Glazing

Commercial Glazing

India's range of solutions for commercial glazing provides solar control, thermal insulation and better acoustics.

Glass for Interiors

Glass for Interiors

Glass adds style and sophistication to interior design. Saint-Gobain has a wide range of glass for interiors in different textures and patterns. Choose from transparent  

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Ananth Reddy

Ananth Reddy

Web Developer

I wish to thank you for the inexpressible joy and delight I receive every day from your stained-glass in my front door. The perfect design and colour combination is in complete harmony for the house. I love walking down the stairs and being confronted by this beautiful art form. In addition Pat and everybody from The Glass Shoppe connected with this project executed the finished product to the highest degree of professionalism.Once again thank you

Sudesh Kumar

Sudesh Kumar

CEO / Genesis Enterprises

Laminated glass allows great flexibility for decorative glass. Many different effects can be created by deliberately adding other inter layers to the laminate.

Kishore Reddy

Marketing Manager

Thanks to all the friendly and helpful staff at The Glass Shoppe for a brilliant job they did on my new kitchen with black mirrored splash back . I love it so does everyone who sees it . A professional service without the huge price tag very pleased. Thanks guys